Tuesday, 12 April 2011

End of summer committee meeting

This was (fingers crossed) the last of our summer weeding sessions - so we continued with removing veldgrass that has survived the spraying (and is just waiting for rain to spring back to life).

At 9am we stopped weeding to have our committee meeting - present John, Dorothy, Vicki, Roz, and myself. Kerri brought around some muffins at 10.

The main issues discussed were weed control strategies and what to do with 'The Barrens' - a degraded area that used to be a rubbish dump (see map below):

The problem with the barrens that it has a lot of asbestos particles in the soil from the time it was a rubbish dump - so we should not really be doing anything that disturbs the soil - or spend many thousands of dollars removing the asbestos.

We came up with the idea of spreading Dryandra Sessilis seeds - to form a dense prickly thicket that will keep people out and provide food for Carnaby's (and other birds).

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