Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Mapping areas to spray

While working in the bushland we notice that some areas of freesia or lachenalia infestation are just too large to hand weed - and the weeding would cause a lot of disturbance (and make the weed problem worse), so I am just marking those for spraying - especially where they are not too intermingled with native species that may be affected by the spraying.

I have been working along the western boundary in the lachenalia and freesia infested areas. There are lots of small patches that are easily dealt with, and a few large bits that I am leaving.

Lots of Greenhood orchids are coming up - so it looks like it could be quite a good orchid season this year.
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Click here to download the GPX data for this map. Note, this data is an XML file - change the name to .GPX to upload to your GPS.

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