Sunday, 26 June 2011

Black flag - what should we do?

I feel like we are a bit stuck with the black flag infestations - it feels like we have an opportunity to do something about them while they are still small and not infesting good bushland areas - but what? Nothing kills them. Maybe we should just cover the ground with carpet or something for a few years.
We also went to have a look at the proposed site for the re-location of the Radiology Clinic from QEII Medical Centre - to enable Colin Barnett to shoehorn two more hospitals into the QEII site and flog off their existing sites to get some revenue - typical short-term thinking from Barnett ...

View Radiology Clinic Proposal in a larger map
The bushland is responding well to rain - lots of flowers on the way - hovea, greenhood orchids, acacia , daviesia ... it is all happening!
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