Monday, 6 December 2010

Recruitment following 'The Storm'

Shenton bushland has looked distinctly bare this year following the storm; the ground cover plants got shredded, and so, much of the ground cover disappeared leaving the soil bare and exposed to weed invasion.
Having been away for the past few weeks, it was most exciting to walk through the bushland on Sunday and discover millions of sedges (Alexgeorgea nitens, Desmocladus flexuosa) and other shrubs coming up despite the very dry winter. Hopefully they will survive the summer.
John and I went around the western section removing veldgrass that survived the spraying.
I also mapped any lomandra that looked like either maratima or hermaphrodites (hard to tell without the flowering spikes) since these are possible hosts for the endangered sun-moth (symenon gratiosa) that we will be looking for again in March.
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