Monday, 1 November 2010

Annual Photo Monitoring

Janice Marshall began photo monitoring the bushland in 1994, taking photos in 18 sites around the bushland. We have continued with the monitoring - not every year - but as often as I remember to do so. I did remember to do it this year, and am hoping to find a way to view each of the previous monitoring photos for each site ...

One thing I did notice this year were the unusually prolific grass tree flowering spikes - and the large number of distorted ones. It isn't unusual to find the odd distorted one - but I did find it surprising that there were so many ...
This pair of spikes appear to be dancing with each other ...
This one appears to have tied itself into a knot!
The flowering spikes are the most dominant visual element in the landscape at present. The strange thing is that they don't appear in monitoring photos we have taken in previous years  ... strange.

The photo monitoring sites are shown on the map below.

Click here to view live map

Click here to download the GPX data for this map. Note, this data is an XML file - change the name to .GPX to upload to your GPS.

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