Sunday, 3 October 2010

Blue ladies in flower

Most of the orchids have finished - but the Blue Lady and the Scented Sun Orchid are just flowering now.
John and I worked on a few remaining patches of Geraldton Carnation Weed - one in the Health Department area, the other near the western boundary with the Defence Department.
Dorothy was monitoring Lemandra and the regeneration sites where mounds were removed.

This is a patch of Corynotheca micrantha (sand lily) that used to go right up to the path - died back after spraying by the contractors - it is a bit of a concern that the practice of spraying along the path appears to be creating a 'dead zone' beside the paths - I think we may need to review this practice.

 The scented sun orchid is almost at its peak - I was a bit early for  it to be open this morning.
 The blue lechanaultia are also at peak flowering - very pretty with their intense blue.
 The grass tree spikes are coming up - some amazing sculptural shapes!
 The patch of Agave is almost about to flower - will come back next week to check it.
 The Blue Lady Orchid is also fully in flower now.
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