Sunday, 20 June 2010

Getting a bit of exercise

I felt in need of exercise today, so rather than pulling Freesias I went searching for Flinders Ranges Wattles which are highly visible at present with their bright yellow flowers. There was a whole bunch of them near the Grace Vaughan House entrance, and more near Selby Lodge. Most were less than a year old, and easy to pull out of the ground. The older ones were over 2m high - so I took advantage of the soft wet soil and pushed them over onto their side and cut off the roots.

I heard a strange bird call whilst working, and noticed a duck high up on a branch of a dead tree, inspecting nesting hollows. The Rainbow Lorrikeets were not impressed, and were screeching at it. It decided to move elsewhere.

 The orchids are already beginning to appear. This one is the scented sun orchid.

The weed sprayers also appear to be out. I have no idea what they are spraying. Looks like they are mistaking lomandras as weeds and spraying them - and they don't look happy.

On the way back to the shed I bumped into Dorothy and we went in search of flowering lomandras. Lomandra nigricans, which has white flowers appears to be out at present.

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