Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Sun Moth search successful - at last

We have been searching for this elusive creature for the past five years! Last Sunday Vicki's sharp eyes saw one flitter from one sedge to another. We got a net over it, but it got away before I could take a photo. We will look again next weekend. At least we know where to look now.

Also last weekend I borrowed Dorothy's Garmin Etrex GPS unit to see if I can connect it to my Macintosh (OSX Snow Leopard). Whilst Garmin has now introduced support for USB connections to Macintosh computers, I have not been able to connect to the older serial cable models. I had bought a cable via eBay, connected it to my Keyspan serial to USB converter, and finally found software (LoadMyTracks) that will download from the Etrex. It worked perfectly!

Click here to view live map

Click here to download the GPX data for this map. Note, this data is an XML file - change the name to .GPX to upload to your GPS.

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