Sunday, 7 February 2010

The long dry continues

As the long dry spell continues the plants are beginning to look quite stressed - leaves curled and hanging limply. All of this makes the grassy flowering spikes of veldgrass easy to spot, so we continue searching for it ...
We also picked up some weeds left in bags near the front fence - added them to our pile of weeds and rubbish near the front fence.
Had a pleasant surprise last weekend - Vicki had organised to have the front door and flooring of 'the shed' fixed (the floor had been partly eaten by termites).
Thanks Vicki!
I didn't publish a post last week because my GPS stopped working - I don't think it is water proof enough for kayaking ... Have borrowed one from Vicki (thanks again!).
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Click here to download the GPX data for this map. Note, this data is an XML file - change the name to .GPX to upload to your GPS.

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