Sunday, 8 March 2009

Want to get involved?

Whilst John and I were working in the bushland today (pulling Veldgrass) I was thinking about coming activities for the month, and the year ahead.

Gearing up for 2009

Over summer we have been working on removing veldgrass that has survived last winter's spraying. As Autumn approaches we are beginning to think about the coming year:
  • Freesia: last year we mainly worked in the northern part of the bushland. They were sprayed last year, so we will see how much impact the spraying had, and supplement that with hand weeding.
  • Flinders Ranges Wattles: the bright yellow flowers are easily visible in late autumn – we just dig them out whenever we see them (or mark them for removal next week). We need to plant replacement wattles (A. saligna) in Grace Vaughan House gardens so that we can remove the weedy ones.
  • Geraldton Carnation Weed: this is currently our most intensive activity during winter and spring – mainly along the western boundary. It is one of those plants where we have to visit the same site many times to stop it producing seed. At least it is easy to pull out!
  • Lachenalia: last year we tried hand weeding – will see how chemical control works this year.
  • Veldgrass: we may assist Phil by hand spraying in spring – especially the middle area where we have been hand weeding over summer – will allow us to cover a large area. .
  • Watsonia: just need to visit a couple of times.
  • Miscellanous weeds: (eg pelargonium) - we just need to keep our eyes open for new infestations

Things you might like to get involved with!
Our activities in the bushland are limited by the number of active participants. Some things we would like to do, but can't do because we don't have enough hands are:
  • mid-week mornings in the bushland – not everyone is able to come on Sunday mornings – the mid-week mornings are a way to be involved – but we need someone who is prepared to organise them and liaise with Vicki Shannon (bushcare officer)
  • school liaison – we often get requests from Shenton College to do activities with students in the bushland – but this is very difficult to do for people employed full time – we would love to have a former school teacher or mum with kids and an interest in bushland things to be able to do this
  • grant writing – a new round of Community Conservation Grants has just begun, and there are always opportunities to apply for funding to help support our work
  • seasonal walk guides – Janice used to write detailed walk guides for people visiting the bushland – would suit anyone with a curiosity about the bushland
  • anything else you would like to do in the bushland – organise walks, social events …
  • We can help support you with any of these activities – all you need is enthusiasm and to be prepared to give it a go!

Coming Events
Some events to mark in your diaries:
  • Sunday March 22nd – time TBA – Nedlands / Subiaco Living Smart course participants visit Shenton Bushland
  • Saturday March 28th – 9am at the Shed – next committee meeting
  • Sunday March 29th – 9am at GVH car park – Pelargonium Pull (Conservation Week activity)
  • Sunday March 29th – 12pm at GVH car park – search for Graceful Sun Moth – an endangered species that has been seen in the bushland in previous years (Conservation Week activity)

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