Monday, 18 August 2008

Towards a better management plan

Spent the first two hours this morning pulling out Geraldton Carnation Weeds and Watsonias. Got a bit of a surprise at the number of Watsonia bulbs - but then decided it wasn't too bad - should be able to clear them up by next weekend.
Vicki, Jean-Paul, and Dorothy arrived at 10 to talk about funding that Vicki has obtained through the Perth Biodiversity Project to update our management plan. Jean-Paul has been contracted by the City to do the work.
Dorothy, Jean-Paul and I then walked around the bushland discussing some issues to raise in the plan. For example:

  • fumitory is becoming very wide-spread - is is something we need to look at?

  • blue lechanaultia in the Prisoner of War camp site - do we retain it as part of the bushland's cultural heritage?

  • dealing with 'the barrens' - a former rubbish dump - now quite polluted and degraded - what should we do with it? Should we seek corporate sponsorship?

My message in general was: we want feedback on how we are doing in our management of the bushland - what have we done well? What could we be doing better? What should we stop doing?
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